The Left Behind Trilogy


In a thrilling twist on sci fi adventures, R. Anne Polcastro’s Left Behind Trilogy stars a thirteen year old alien. Endirion is a boy like any other. Except his skin is green and it glows. And he doesn’t have any hair on his head or anywhere else on his body. Oh and he lives in a cave underground. But so does everyone on the poisoned Mother Planet. There is little to eat and what they do have is as mutated as the people themselves. Fuel is scarce and technology exists only in history books.

Or so they are told.

In the first volume, Endirion and his classmate Harlo are sentenced to hard labor at the Dump, where they see things that go against everything they have ever known about their planet. Determined to find out the truth the boys set off on a dangerous journey that pits them against angry marshals, mysterious animals, mutant humanoids, and lands them in the belly of a Monstruwhale. It is a harrowing quest takes them down remote tunnels, across the Lake of Fire, into the Madlands and a whole new world.

“The author is a wonderful storyteller. The writing is a pleasure to read. The author knows very well how to keep the reader on the edge of his or her seat and to entertain with novel, creative ideas and characters. This is a great book for young adults, but even someone such as me, who is an older adult and seasoned science fiction reader, found myself captivated by its pace and ideas.” Casey Dorman, editor Lost Coast Review

Left Behind smashwords coverThe Left Behind Trilogy is available in paperback from



Barnes and Noble

And as an ebook exclusively from



alienOr ask your local library and bookstores to stock it!

Volume Two of the trilogy is slated to be released Summer 2015. Get updated on the release date and more by joining Polcastro’s mailing list at HTTP://EEPURL.COM/4CBLZ.




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